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Stress, how do you handle it?

  Very often I have customers asked me: I have too many green plants, can I buy those pink, red and purple colour plants in your picture?Not many succulent plants are naturally born pink and red, like Romeo Rubin, most turn pink and red because they are stressed. What is stress? To make it simple, you can understand this way:A succulent plant will become colourful when it's hungry ( lack of fertilizer), thirsty ( too much sun, not enough water), and cold ( temperature drop).When the plants have adequate nutrition and water, they will keep growing in size, have you noticed after a few days of heavy rain, your plants are double in size but also as green as vegetables?...

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5 Things to make your succulent plants healthy and beautiful

Have you ever wondered why those succulents on the internet are so healthy and colourful while yours look leggy and boring? After killing so many succulent plants in the beginning, I decided to get things right, through reading and practising, I found out it’s not rocket science, but these 5 things I will remember by heart. 1) SunSunlight is so important for succulents to be healthy, if your plants’ colour turns dull, it’s a sign that it doesn’t have enough sun, they become “leggy” because they stretch for more light. Before you buy more succulent plants, you need to study your garden and yard, how much sun is it getting? Morning sun or afternoon sun? If your garden position is...

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